MIPS Excellent quality products are highly reputable, comprehensive, resilient and lifelong dependable thanks to MIPS prompt response to new business demands and deploying up-to-date technologies. Products are dual language, on the fly, to meet regional and international market localization requirement.

MIPS MIPS Is proud of its major assets, the high caliber staff being trustworthy, qualified, reputable, dedicated, self motivated and responsible professionals. The implement high standard methodologies and use state-of-the-art technology to materialize the basic strategies towards excellence and distinction..

MIPS Endeavors to create and maintain full customer satisfaction through prompt response to business needs, functional enhancements and commitment to provide outstanding support services

MIPS proven successful products have been heavily in day-to-day use at various institutions throughout long years.

MIPS MIPS products are featured by:

MIPS products are featured by :
1. Full security and data safety measures.
2. Extermely efficient user definable access
3. Resilince, embaded data integrity validations and protection.
4. Full scope of functionality
5. Easy to use, bilingual, user friendly interface
6. Optimization of entry effort.
7. on line help for all function.
8. Integration with other systems.
9. available for both single and multi user platform
10. Fully informative audit trail on user's activities
11. Full suite of report and reports archiving.
12. Automatic end of day/period/year procedures and backups.

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