Banking Solutions

1. Micr Checkbook Printing :

Budget solutions for checks printing at branches. it provides blank check inventory control and draft checks printing options. Checks serial numbers and MICR code line are automatically generated and printed.

2. Signature verification expert :

A comprehensive solution that handles all functions of customer signature capture, local and remote bank retrieval, amendments stop, cancellation ….. etc

3. Correspondments Authorized signatures:

Allow mass storage of correspondents authorized signatures books, easy retrival of signatures by ID`s full of partial names, branches….etc . Optimized entry efforts through deployment of OCR technology, easy management of amendments.

4. Test Key Manegment System :

An outstanding system used to secure transactions between financial institution and branches using fax or tlex communication channels, besides being the backup to the swift channel it`s cover all known worldwide calculation methods and maintains full book keeping and reporting. Featured by extremely high security measures.

5. Certificate Of Deposit Manegment System :

Handles all related CDs` functions spot on issuing, refund, maturity, interest calculations and posting, accured interest calculations and posting ,blank CDs` inventory control. the system handles user defined nominations, life sopan, CD`s interset periods and annual rates

6. Retail Banking Loans Manegment System :

Handles the loan applications, loan approvalm registering the receipt of mandatory documents, calculation of loan refund installment, follow up of payment, generating and posting financial, produce accounting transactions.

7. Smart Athourized Signature Verification System

Business Solutions

1. General Ledger and Budget:

Handles chart of accounts,multiple branches or companies, multiple currencies, revaluation, budget, statement, deviation, development comparison , interface with other applications, automatic final accounts production and bookkeeping, holding of personal accounts all related reporting.

2. Stock Control :

The system handels multiple stores re-order/minimum/maximum limits multiple units, stock evaluation, item location, cost centers and barcode ids. The system supports full suite of control and inventory reports.

3. Purchase Invoices and Taxation Issues :

Handles supplier datam purchase invoices, issuing checkes, producing quarterly checkes to the order of the taxiation authorities attached with taxations forms issuing annual taxation authorites attached with taxation forms, issuing annual taxation deduction certificates for vendors, storing historical data.

4. Human Resources Management System :

handles recruitment, employees full data with archiving, traing, transfers, promotion,vacations, remuneration, time manegment, manpower planning and skills inventory, job description and organization chart.

5. Employees Medical Care Management System :

Handles setting rules and services fees of health care centers agreement, empolyees and family information and medical costs, automatic control of transactions, together with full suite of reports.

6. Employees Fund Management :

Handles setting the fund rules, follow up of employees and institution monthly contributions to the fund single and array payment, full integration with the fund accounting system

6. Media Service Management System

Web Solutions

1. Dr Yasser
2. Smart Athourized Signature Verification System

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